FAQ - Your Questions Answered!

Your Questions Answered!

Who is behind Polipedia?

Polipedia is a Melbourne-based digital political data start up by Su Dharmapala, Sally S and Ebony McKenna. We are a non-partisan start up with a focus on providing voters with political information so that you can make the best decision at the ballot box. None of the founders of Polipedia are current members of a political party.

Are you hackers? How do you get your information?

Polipedia are definitely not hackers - and we are definitely not spending time in foreign jails! Orange is definitely not the new black! Polipedia aggregates information from publicly available sources and presents it back in an easy to understand format. There is nothing on Polipedia that determined sleuthing can’t find.

Why Polipedia? Verified!

Australians are generally disengaged in politics. It is too easy for us to say that all parties are all the same. In the face of the real challenges we need better representation. We cannot get better representation without better people in politics.

What about political party accountability?

We will be presenting information about the political parties or other associations those parties may have with vested interests. This is all publicly available information aggregated in the one, easily searchable place.

When will the platform be ready?

We aim to have the platform ready before the federal election on May 21, 2022