Terms & Conditions


Polipedia is an aggregated site for political information. It includes both free access information and subscription access which incorporates insights and analytics.

Politicians, personnel working for politicians and new candidates are all encouraged to forward information to Polipedia for inclusion in the lead-up to elections.

Candidates who are unsuccessful in elections will have their main pages taken down in due time and stored in Polipedia's data base so that if those same candidates stand again, we can quickly find their data.

All candidate-based information is fact-checked that it is directly from that candidate. Site visitors/customers cannot add to or modify this information themselves.

Polipedia staff take an editorial role to ensure veracity of supplied content, however all primary and secondary source material that is already in the public domain is the responsibility of that source; ie broadcast/traditional media, Hansard, Wikipedia, Government registers etc.

There is no user-generated information permitted on this site. This site links you to third party content, such and media mentions and articles, Hansard mentions, Wikipedia entries etc but for legal reasons Polipedia is not the original publisher of this content.

There are two types of service offered for customers:

Free service

Public information that is already free (although bundled on the Polipedia website in one place, to make it easier to find.) Some Analytics Details on each candidate contesting an upcoming election

Paid Service

All of the above plus analytics and social media insights and further features as they are onboarded. Process for cancelling a subscription.

Customers are encouraged to copy and publish information from Polipedia to other social media and traditional media sites, but it needs to be attributed.